partcorsetierepartfangirl asked:
Can said llama be called Tina?

It can be called whatever you want it to be called bby.

partcorsetierepartfangirl asked:
....fair enough. 800 llamas is quite a lot

In the situation I think one llama is plenty

partcorsetierepartfangirl asked:
18 - what would you do if I tried to herd 800 llamas into your room so they could eat your carpets

I’d probably get quite angry and throw things at you whilst worrying about all the vinyl.

mydearcapulet replied to your post: Who wants to spoon, make out, and watch Sucker…

When do I not wanna


How much have you been drinking?

[x] I think you’re cute.
[] You should talk to me more.
[] I don’t really know you.
[] You’re one of my closest friends.
[] I think you look 1-5 out of 10.
[x] I think you look 6-10 out of 10.
[] I hate you.
[] You’re beautiful.
[x] I’d cook for you.
[x] Smash.
[] Pass.
[] Idk

Hell, not that you’d want me to cook for you :p

partcorsetierepartfangirl asked:
Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, and Sansa Stark.

Oh, man.

I’d probably marry Dany because I love her anyway. I’m not sure I could put up with Cersei without wanting to stab her, but I’m pretty sure I could get it up, so we’ll go with fuck her. Sansa’s cute as fuck, so I’ll cuddle her.


partcorsetierepartfangirl asked:
Ugh. Chavs are just the worst.. One went to hit me on the bus once because I was trying to break up a fight. So naturally I squared up to the little fucker xD Fucking wankers.
partcorsetierepartfangirl asked:
Oh I am. Arguing with chavs from my village on the bus is a futile exercise that only results in frustration and a slow death brought about by insanity xD


These little pricks started throwing what were effectively balls of ice at me for no reason. Ugh, it wasn’t even that it hurt or anything it was just so fucking annoying, and they were ~12. Where were their manners? The police pulled over and asked me if I knew them. I’ve never been so smug.

I know that wasn’t really the point, but…

partcorsetierepartfangirl asked:
The most frustrating thing about thick people, male or female, is how insults just roll off their back because they're too dumb to understand that you just called them a vapid, used burlap sack

You sound like you’re talking from experience…

partcorsetierepartfangirl asked:
Orange and grey

My Hometown (Reading) - with proper facts and errythin’:

  • Has missed out on city status THREE TIMES
  • It’s the largest town in the UK
  • Has the 22nd best football team in England
  • My ‘actual’ little town has the highest wages in the UK
  • Is the closest place to London between here and London due to the fucked up way trains work.

2 facts about my favourite things? Idk. Look, here are my favourite things. That’ll work better.:

  • Shania Twain
  • Sam McTrusty’s face

mydearcapulet liked your post: I’ve been single for almost a year. Fuuuuck.

Why are you liking the fact I’ll never find love? :(


mydearcapulet replied to your post: mydearcapulet replied to your post: mydearcapulet…

I’ve got a car but I’m not legal to drive the bastard thing xD This needs better planning.. preferably when I’m not trying to type in some awkward ass position cos my laptop is balanced on my boobs..

Okay. Let’s discuss it later.