These guys should be yr favourite ‘new’ band. Their album’s getting released with the (I think) May issue of Rocksound and it’s gonna be ace.


For some odd reason I got the urge to listen to this album today.

I still can’t believed that I had this album on rotation in middle school. That was a long time ago.

Fuck I feel old.

There isn’t one bad song on this album.

It still stands the test of time.

Cheers to that.

This played in my family’s car non-stop the last time we went to Italy, which must’ve been back around the time it came out.

IT’S SO GOOD. You can’t hate an album with Dirty Little Secret on, can you?

This is my playlist of awesome 2011 tunes

So, this is an awesome Spotify playlist of 2011 built by me. Yeah.

  1. Touché Amoré – ~
  2. Manchester Orchestra – Virgin
  3. The Dangerous Summer – Work In Progress
  4. La Dispute – I See Everything
  5. Hyro Da Hero – Fuck You (Say It To Your Face)
  6. Ben Marwood – JJ Abrams
  7. The Story So Far – Swords and Pens
  8. The Wonder Years – Local Man Ruins Everything
  9. Transit – Long Lost Friends
  10. Los Campesinos! – Baby I Got The Death Rattle
  11. Lower Than Atlantis – (Motor) Way Of Life
  12. Defeater – White Oak Doors

Los Campesinos! Hello Sadness

"Life, life is a long time. Too long to my mind, too long by far. Between my waterfalls and your landslides there’s cartography in every scar."

So, this album only arrived on my doorstep yesterday but it is amazing. It’s so full of emotion. Gareth joked that “I’m really depressed, so the lyrics on this album will be amazing” on twitter whilst they were writing it, I guess, and he definitely wasn’t wrong. Even Q gave it 4 stars (out of 5). EVEN Q.

If I were to recommend you songs they would be: Hello Sadness (Soundcloud), Hate For The Island, Songs About Your Girlfriend (YouTube), Baby I Got The Death Rattle

Four Year Strong Enemy of the World

I am rediscovering my love for this album. 

Don’t fix it if it hasn’t broken yet.

Twin Atlantic Vivarium

Such a great CD. Not for everybody, mainly due to Sam’s accent I think, but some of the songs on here are incredible. Seriously, there’s something here for everybody. Hot guys, great songs, sexy accents.

And is there anybody out there? Disassemble I’m trying to breathe. YEAAAAAH.

Straight Lines Persistence In This Game

A small band hailing from Wales. This has some amazing songs on it though, and it’s probably best listened to now, whilst there’s still a bit of summer in the air and you can go around dancing and singing with all your friends. On tour with The Subways at the moment I believe, I’d check them out. They’re great.

The Wonder Years Suburbia: I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing

If you haven’t heard this band then you are a failure. Simple as that. This album and it’s predecessor, The Upsides (Y’know, that one where they said “I’m not sad anymore” and it became a fucking massive tumblr thing) are without any bad or filler tracks. There’s so many anthems on the two that it’s unbelievable.

If you’re a depressed/semi-depressed/feel a bit down young person then you will love this. Guaranteed. (Unless there’s something wrong with your head) 

The Dangerous Summer If You Could Only Keep Me Alive

So, technically not a full album, but still, this was TDS first offering and damn it’s good. The Permanent Rain, their ‘hit’ if they had one is on there, along with Of Confidence, a favourite amongst everyone I’ve talked to, and Home, a personal favourite.

There’s so many sing-a-longs on this it’s ridiculously and it’s pretty feel good for an EP/mini-album thing that goes into suicide and heartbreak. Listen to it.

Listening to this album again and it’s fucking perfect. There’s nothing wrong with it. Oh my God it’s beautiful. If you haven’t heard it, please give it a spin. Admittedly, if you do it’ll probably ruin most music for you, but it’ll be worth it.