Defeater makes me want to break things.


Defeater Empty Days and Sleepless Nights

For ages I had Red, White and Blue sitting next to some old Plan B on my Spotify starred playlist, which would lead to an odd situation where I associated them with Plan B a little bit. (Far, far better though)

Listen To (YouTube links): White Oak Doors, Dear Father, I Don’t Mind
FFO: Touche Amore, Have Heart, More Than Life

This is my playlist of awesome 2011 tunes

So, this is an awesome Spotify playlist of 2011 built by me. Yeah.

  1. Touché Amoré – ~
  2. Manchester Orchestra – Virgin
  3. The Dangerous Summer – Work In Progress
  4. La Dispute – I See Everything
  5. Hyro Da Hero – Fuck You (Say It To Your Face)
  6. Ben Marwood – JJ Abrams
  7. The Story So Far – Swords and Pens
  8. The Wonder Years – Local Man Ruins Everything
  9. Transit – Long Lost Friends
  10. Los Campesinos! – Baby I Got The Death Rattle
  11. Lower Than Atlantis – (Motor) Way Of Life
  12. Defeater – White Oak Doors

'cause there ain't nothing like your smile, your legs, and those eyes.

Where you been? What you on? Who’d you fuck?

Her God is no more than a thief.

I’m gonna take your life; it doesn’t feel like enough.

The whiskey burns going down.

There ain’t nothing like your smile

Your legs & those eyes.

To book tickets for the Rock Sound tour or not…


Doubt there’s anyway to get a press pass…

Something I’ve been meanin’ to tell you, 
About three years and a day. 
I’d very much like to get married, 
Maybe have kids and move away, 

'Cause there ain't nothing like your smile, 
Your legs and those eyes. 
I will beg and steal and borrow 
To keep you safe your whole life.